Labelexpo 2017 Europe Achieves Record Visitor Numbers

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Labelexpo Europe 2017, the largest international event dedicated to the label and package printing sector, culminated in its biggest-ever show last month with record-breaking visitor numbers – 12% bigger than 2015.

Held at Brussels Expo over 25 – 28 September, Labelexpo Europe hosted 679 exhibitors, including nearly 200 new exhibiting companies. Visitors and exhibitors alike enjoyed a massively enhanced experience thanks to the recent refurbishment of Brussels Expo. Attracting large delegations from Brazil, China, India and Japan, the show reported 37,724 visitors; an increase of 5.6% on 35,739 visitors in 2015.

World leaders Esterlam were amongst the exhibitors with their technical experts on-site . “It was a highly productive show this year,” said Esterlam’s Managing Director John Hailey, “With the ever increasing demands of doctor blade applications, we were able to meet companies face-to-face and discuss specific requirements. We also supplied a great number of samples and we’re still sending sample products to new contacts post-show.”

Labelexpo included a wealth of new conventional developments on show with enhanced features for automation, package printing and increased efficiency for short runs.

“Our unique blades are made from bi-axially oriented polyester which have been sourced for their engineering properties and material characteristics,” said Commercial Director Neil Hailey. “It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the next generation of doctor blades.”

We met with a lot of our current agent/distributors and also many new companies who recognise the quality of Esterlam products and the benefits they offer. We had companies from every European country, Scandinavia, North and South America and Asia etc who all wanted to represent us which is a great testament to the Esterlam Team, our products and technical support service too!

Lisa Milburn, Labelexpo’s managing director comments: “The Labelexpo team have worked incredibly hard to deliver outstanding content for what was a very bold show and thanks to the commitment and support of our exhibitors and industry partners, we’ve created a very successful business environment for the industry. This edition has broken all previous records and its success is testament to the fact that the label and package printing industry continues to see Labelexpo as being the place to be. We are still extremely ambitious for the show’s future and we look forward to returning to Brussels with an even bigger and better event in September 2019.”

John added, “The traffic flow from start to finish was strong and the four days flew by, a big thank you to everyone that made this year’s show such a sucuess!” added John.

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Labelexpo Europe is the world’s largest event for the label and package printing industry & we are delighted to be attending.  We’ll be showcasing the next generation of doctor blades – be sure to pop by and see why after 40 years, we’re still the original and best.  Talk to our tech team and see how we can optimise your printing.



  • Monday, 25 September, 9:30 – 17:30
  • Tuesday, 26 September, 9:30 – 17:30
  • Wednesday, 27 September, 9:30 – 17:30
  • Thursday, 28 September, 9:30 – 16:00

FTA Doctor Blade Survey show promising results

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Esterlam review findings of new survey on doctor blades for the printing industry

As the original pioneers of the first synthetic doctor blades, Esterlam were very pleased to see the recent FTA flash survey on doctor blades. So little attention is paid to the doctor blade: ‘….consumable that is installed, used and abused and then discarded..’ With so little attention being paid to the how and why they perform and their function, it is great to get to see this survey highlighting the doctor blades.

“So much money is spent on the latest machinery with the latest gears, drives, pumps, anilox rollers, plates and inline inspection equipment etc. in order to achieve the colour and quality of print the customer demands,” says Esterlam’s Commercial Director Neil Hailey. “The doctor blade removes all the excess ink off the anilox to make sure that that specific volume of ink or coating is applied. It is a vital component to bring all these factors together to produce the best image and quality so Esterlam doctor blades really are at the very heart of every press”

Reading through the report highlighted many things. The main observations for Esterlam as a company is recognition that our advanced synthetic blades provide all converters with the top three factors given as the most important when considering which blade to buy. “Our blades also help with every other factor mentioned in the survey too,” adds Neil. “We would be happy to talk to anyone on any doctor blade or doctoring related topics and provide production samples for testing with a full information pack and full technical support.”


Read the full FTA article:

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G Series

Latest Doctor Blade – New industry standard in the Corrugated industry

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Esterlam’s NEW G Series Doctor blades
Rapidly becoming the new industry standard in the
Corrugated industry

The new high-grade derivative UHMW blend is offering 2-3 times longer life than the standard UHMW PE blades currently used in this market. The corrugated industry has often been wrongly labelled as the poor relation to high-end packing printers. The number of cartons produced was always deemed more important than the finished print quality. This divide has closed significantly over the past few years and is closing even quicker with the introduction of the new G Series blade.

“After years of development and testing, the New G series blade offers significant improvements in blade life.,” said Managing Director John Hailey. “Its inherent strength helps every blade to hold its shape when being run under a constant pressure in the chamber or holder. This means higher quality print is achievable simply by replacing a blade and you’ll also see longer print runs and less blade changes.”
Since creating the world’s first synthetic doctor blade in the early 1970’s, Esterlam are proud to launch a brand-new blade to the global print industry. Plastics Capital Group, Flexipol Packaging Print Technician Wayne Jenkinson said

“The new Esterlam blades have been giving exceptional blade life and wearing more evenly. The new blades don’t relax and keep their shape better in the chamber so less pressure is required and more consistent print achievable.”
Commercial Director Neil Hailey said “We’re very excited with our latest synthetic blade innovation. The new blade has been in design and production for around a year and after months of rigorous testing, we’re now able to share the new, superior doctor blades with customers worldwide. “Introduce the new Esterlam G Series blades into your press and you will see improved print quality and longer blade life,” said Commercial Director Neil Hailey. “You’ll also broaden your potential customer base simply by changing the blade. Longer print runs and being able to offer higher quality print from your existing machinery is a big step forward in the evolution of printing.”

Esterlam products and expertise are at the heart of every press and this new G Series blade is definitely the latest and most significant difference in the corrugated industry for years

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for more information on our doctor blades:

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