Esterlam’s NEW E Series Doctor blades – Leading the charge in electronic markets

By October 24, 2017 Esterlam No Comments

Based in the UK, Esterlam are Global leaders in providing doctor blades for today’s demanding printing and coating industries. Having developed the world’s first synthetic doctor blade over 40 years ago, Esterlam have now set new standards for the future of coated electronic applications.

Commercial Director Neil Hailey said “In real terms, this means our special E Series blade is perfect for a whole range of applications from battery separators for electric vehicles to aerospace and printed electronics to flat panel displays, photovoltaics and mobile phone technology. These specially developed blades are at the forefront of new technologies.”
Utilising the latest developments in advanced polymer technology, Esterlam’s innovative E Series have improved spring characteristics giving greater consistency and control over coat weights from start to finish. “Greater control means less wastage, increased yields and improved productivity,” added Neil. “Their self-lubricated qualities mean longer blade life with abrasive ceramic and graphite applications, plus significant reductions in roller wear and scoring.”

The growing renewable energy market is set to increase dramatically over the next few years as millions of new electric vehicles will be made. The UK electric car market has exceeded expectations in September with plug-in cars representing 3.5% of all new cars sales. With diesel sales plummeting, car buyers appear to be switching to plug-in vehicles in greater numbers than ever before.

Backed by government policies — China’s battery companies are beginning to dominate an industry which has been led for three decades by South Korean and Japanese manufacturers such as Panasonic, which makes the battery cells for Tesla cars.

Lithium-ion batteries revolutionised the consumer electronics market after Sony commercialised them in 1981. From the Walkman to the iPhone they form a central part of the gadgets in everyday life. Now they are set to play an equally significant role in transportation, helping to reduce the dependence on oil.

“As carmakers invest more heavily in electric vehicles the lithium-ion battery will be a key technology for at least the next decade,” said Esterlam Managing Director John Hailey. “With years of ongoing development, our E blade is already being utilized in this very exciting area. We already supply blades for a host of different industries in over 100 countries globally and we look forward to continued success within this new industry.”
As well as coatings for battery separators for electric cars, bikes, buses, trams,

fork lifts trucks, boats, planes, drones, Esterlam’s specifically developed E Series is also being used for RFID tags, mobile phone batteries, energy harvesting and storing, touch screens, plasma screens and OLED screens, microgravure, printed electronics and Photo Voltaic films.

“The applications are endless,” added Neil. “We keep innovating and providing solutions that work and we’re so fortunate to have such an experienced global technical team at the heart of everything we do.”

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