FTA Doctor Blade Survey show promising results

Esterlam review findings of new survey on doctor blades for the printing industry

As the original pioneers of the first synthetic doctor blades, Esterlam were very pleased to see the recent FTA flash survey on doctor blades. So little attention is paid to the doctor blade: ‘….consumable that is installed, used and abused and then discarded..’ With so little attention being paid to the how and why they perform and their function, it is great to get to see this survey highlighting the doctor blades.

“So much money is spent on the latest machinery with the latest gears, drives, pumps, anilox rollers, plates and inline inspection equipment etc. in order to achieve the colour and quality of print the customer demands,” says Esterlam’s Commercial Director Neil Hailey. “The doctor blade removes all the excess ink off the anilox to make sure that that specific volume of ink or coating is applied. It is a vital component to bring all these factors together to produce the best image and quality so Esterlam doctor blades really are at the very heart of every press”

Reading through the report highlighted many things. The main observations for Esterlam as a company is recognition that our advanced synthetic blades provide all converters with the top three factors given as the most important when considering which blade to buy. “Our blades also help with every other factor mentioned in the survey too,” adds Neil. “We would be happy to talk to anyone on any doctor blade or doctoring related topics and provide production samples for testing with a full information pack and full technical support.”


Read the full FTA article: https://www.flexography.org/industry-news/doctor-blade-flash-poll/19640/3/?platform=hootsuite

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