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Team Focus – Neil Hailey

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 As a family run business, we have renowned reputation for understanding our client’s requirements as well as building a truly friendly working relationship as we go. Our history and expertise in the industry has led to a worldwide presence throughout an extensive network of technical agents, who can supply Esterlam doctor blade products with full and comprehensive technical support at over 100 countries worldwide.
But who is the team behind Esterlam?  This week continue our series looking at the team behind the brand and find out a little more about the company.


Neil Hailey – Commercial Director

My role at Esterlam is to support the vision of the business, and to assist the team in delivering our overall aims and to make sure that we consistently deliver the standard of excellence our customers expect.

Our main focus is to continue to grow our markets with our Agents and to maintain strong relationships with them by working closely on joint initiatives and projects that focus on quality and customer service. We are definitely a passionate and pioneering company and proud of our ability to continually innovate after 35 years of leading the market.

We have a talented team at Esterlam, and we remain obsessed with delivering excellence.

I’m well known for my slightly off the wall sense of humour and passion for golf and motor sports. I also enjoy nothing more than making sure that our Agents and clients have a great experience when they work with us in whatever language!