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Esterlam Synthetic blades vs Steel blades

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As the original synthetic doctor blade pioneers, Esterlam Ltd remain global leaders providing high quality products without compromise.

Through tried and tested, reliable products and services, Esterlam doctor blades offer the global solution for today’s demanding flexo, gravure and screen applications. Doctor Blades can be used to print and coat paper, films such as PET, BOPP, PVC, and foils used in packaging, labelling, publications, corrugated products and displays, metal decoration and printed electronics.  But how well do Esterlam blades work against steel?

Do they meter as well as steel?

 YES. As printing technology has advanced, so to have Esterlam doctor blades creating significant advantages over steel in today’s modern printing environment. Longer life, elimination of roller scoring and less roller wear, improved operator safety all add to improving productivity when using Esterlam blades. Consistent high-quality performance in all areas of flexo printing and gravure coating has lead to many leading corporations worldwide changing to the Esterlam blades.  Further evidence can be seen in an FQC project carried out by the FTA in the USA, which tested the Esterlam synthetic doctor blade against carbon and stainless steel to see the effect of doctor blade material on dot gain.  The report summary showed that the Esterlam blades actually caused less dot gain than steel.  A full copy of the report is available from the FTA or Esterlam can give further details on request.

Do they last longer than steel?

YES, Esterlam blades are designed to run with less pressure than traditional steel blades and also have special self-lubricating characteristics, Esterlam doctor blades last significantly longer than steel in all ink formulations. Longer life means less blade changes, less machine stoppages means less start ups and less waste. It also helps to increase production time and productivity.

With 40+ years’ experience supplying tailored bevelled & many different size step/lamella edge profiles, Esterlam can provide the perfect blade solution to optimize production processes.  They have the products, experience and the technical support needed.

Plus, they offer free sample reels for testing.

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