MARK ANDY CUSTOMER TRAIL – Esterlam Doctor Blades vs other synthetic doctor blades .

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MARK ANDY CUSTOMER TRIAL – Esterlam Doctor Blades vs other synthetic doctor blades

Following a rigorous printing trial by a leading industry manufacturer, Esterlam Ltd are delighted to report their blades proved superior throughout the trial with fantastic results.

“We recently undertook blade trials on our Mark Andy P5 press, testing the Esterlam doctor blades vs other synthetic blades.  The results were amazing.

The 3 different Esterlam doctor blades were installed in press stations 1,2 and 3 and another synthetic blade in station 4. The aniloxes in stations 1, 2 and 3 were instantly doctored cleanly and efficiently from start up with minimal pressure.  The blades in station 4 however, caused some ink spitting and allowed ink through from start-up and had to be changed out 3 times.

All three of the doctor blades from the Esterlam range ran from the start to the end of the trial and maintained a clean and consistent wipe across the anilox.  Thank you Esterlam – great blades, great results.”

We’re always pleased when organisations trial our products against others, customers really do say our finished blade edge quality and performance are the best!

If you would like to trial the Esterlam range of award-winning doctor blades, contact us for a free production pack or for further information.

Esterlam – inventors of the world’s first synthetic doctor blade over 40 years ago.  UK made, supplied and supported worldwide.

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